Whatsapp Business Marketing Software

WhatsApp Business Marketing Software provides the best WHATSAPP SENDER & AUTORESPONDER tool.

Create WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot directly from your PC.



WhatsApp Business Marketing Software is 100% safe and reliable. WhatsApp Business Sender secures your account and reduces the chances of getting blocked. Using WhatsApp Business Marketing Software you can send text, images, audio, document files, etc.

WhatsApp Business Marketing Software is very simple and easy in use. User can find other various tools to verify and filter mobile numbers. All user can create and maintain WhatsApp marketing campaign and also control speed, a delay time between message and also user can control sleep time.

WhatsApp Business Marketing Software offers various features like Dynamic Chatbots, Auto Reply, Import/Export Contents, Sending Customized Messages, Supports Multi-Language functionality and many more.


  • Dynamic Chatbots

With the use of Dynamic Chatbots you can boost engagement with rich messages, by using text, images, and documents when talking to your customers.

  • Contacts Registration

This feature will help you to register the contacts who gets in touch with you on WhatsApp automatically.

  • Multiple Contents

User can send text, images, web links, emojis, etc. on WhatsApp Business Marketing Software.

  • Import/Export Contents

This software imports and exports all contact lists with Names and Number information.

  • Auto Reply

By using this software, you can reply your customers automatically. This feature states that you can automatic reply with text message to incoming WhatsApp messages when you are busy, driving, on vacation, in meeting, or just when you would prefer not to be disturbed.


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