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Flutter is one of the best cross-platform app development platforms. Out of many Flutter app development companies, Startup Devta stands out in the crowd for its wide range of cross-platform development service providers. Startup Devta Company builds an expressive, flexible, and comprehensive framework to develop the next-generation applications for iOS and Android with a single codebase in record time.

We develop apps with the utmost care and by studying the requirements of the clients. It offers platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns, and fonts to give users a feel of home as per mobile’s operating system. Our professional flutter developers are well- experienced to develop beautiful and functional- rich apps with on-time-delivery.


Single Codebase

In flutter write code for once and you can use the same code for both Android and iOS. This single codebase helps to create an application for both with simplicity.

Reduced Code Development Time

The “Hot Reload” feature of Flutter allows seeing the applied changes almost instantly, without even losing the current application state. And this what makes Flutter app development several times faster due to increased development speed.

Increased Time To Market speed

The main reason for this feature is  Flutter provides a declarative API for building UI which boosts the performance. Any 2D based UI can be implemented in Flutter without interacting with a native application.

Faster and Better Native Performance

Flutter is one of the best preferable hybrid frameworks as there is no web view and JavaScript fly over to link and execute code.

Faster Testing

Previously, the developers would carry out the long process for testing but by using Flutter the process of testing becomes quicker and efficient as there is only single testing required for both Android and iOS.


Cross-Platform App Development for iOS and Android using Dart.

With a flutter, you can explore a mixture of application code that supports necessities and move your app from tech stacks to a well known hybrid framework.

Flutter for Desktop Development

Get Flutter with Desktop Development at Startup Devta whether it is Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS, or Windows.  Our developers create reactive, high quality, and fast applications that work flawlessly across all platforms.

Flutter for Web Development

Acquire Flutter with Web Development at Startup devta for Web quickly and hassle-free. We build interactive, graphically-rich apps that deliver a remarkable experience to the user.

Flutter Chat Application Development

Also, you can obtain chat apps for both web and mobile that supports images, document, and many more.

Flutter Consulting Services

Startup devta also provides app development consultation and solutions services. Get answers on the queries related to the cross-platform application development.

UI/UX Strategy Development

We create a Flutter UI/UX strategy that works every time and helps them grow up their businesses by ensuring our client’s the needed results.

Flutter Support & Maintenance

Startup devta also helps their client’s in Support and Maintenance of there services at any time.


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